DirectSpy - is a tool for watch/modify filtrgraph of any DirectShow application

DirectSpy - is a tool, which allow you to watch filtrgraphs of any DirectShow application using MS graphedit. Even in case if this application do not register own graph in the Running Objects Table. You can see how this graph is builded, which types of data transferred between filters and you can modify these graphs, add/remove filters, stop and start this graph. Trial version can work only with WindowsMediaPlayer graphs with video files (avi and mpeg/mpeg2) Full version of DirectSpy can work with any DirectShow application (if this application have not special protection)
DirectSpy trial version v1.0.0.2
DirectSpy check version v1.0.0.2
This version allow you to know - can DirectSpy work with filtergraph of specified application or cannot.
Register it using "regsvr32 DirectSpy.dll" and run your target application. If DirectSpy popup a messagebox -  DirectSpy can see and register this filtergraph.

How to use: download, unzip, register in the system ( command line - "regsvr32 DirectSpy.dll"). Now when you start playing of media file in WMPlayer - this tool automatically add filtergraph in the Running Objects Table and notify you about success using soundcard. Then you can start MS graphedit, click File->Connect to remote graph.

Click here for sample screenshots.

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