The Fly98 -  software for BT848/878 based tuner cards. 
Win95/98/NT4 - freeware. Win2000/XP - 30 day trial period shareware.
Attention: If you already registered Fly98 user - all new versions of Fly98
you can use free-of-charge!

TheFly98 (skin "DVD") on WindowsXP desktop

TheFly98 - Main features:

  • Individual settings for each of 255 possible channels.
  • Automatic channels scanning.
  • Switch to selected channel in predefined time.
  • TV window with size from 1x1 to 800x600.
  • Different tv-window styles.
  • 31 hot-key (0..9,ALT+0..9,q,m,t,h,x,a,space,up,down,left,right).
  • 8 command-line keys.
  • Capture video to avi file with any installed compression codec.
  • Start and stop video capturing in predefined time.
  • Capture audio to wav file with any installed compression codec.
  • Snapshot tv-window to bmp or jpg files on timer or hot key.
  • Extended capture statistics.
  • Playing captured avi or wav file.
  • Saving all settings.
  • Control with Program,WinAmp,CD and mouse by means of Remote control unit.
  • Working with many others BT8x8 based cards (Aver,Zoltrix,PixelView etc).
  • Custom tv system,card,tuner.
  • MS IntelliMouse wheel supported.
  • Turning off monitor power within video signal absent predefined time.
  • Can work without tv window (as FM tuner).
  • Settings for V and U channels in saturation.
  • Skins.
  • Language pack's.
  • FM radio.

  • Known bugs and solutions:
    1. TheFly98 cannot find your card and report "Fatal Error - BT8X8 not found"
    a. Please check the "Start in" parameter in Fly98 desktop shortcut properties and if it
    empty - type full path to the Fly98 folder ( installer bug )
    b. Try to replace hardware access driver hwio ( compatibility with current
    hardware environment )
    2. Blank tv-screen in WindowsME or Windows98SE
    a. It is your card WDM driver bug. You can install VFW driver (old,Win95 type)
    or try other WDM driver.
    Download TheFly98 v2.7
    Download another i/o driver for TheFly98 v2.7
    Download it if TheFly98 cannot find your card and report
    "Fatal Error - BT8X8 not found"
    Unzip this archive and copy unpacked files into the folder,
    where Fly98 is installed.
    (overwrite the old files)
    Download TheFly98 Skins
    Download French language file
    Download Bulgarien language file
    Download Swedish language file
    Download Dutch language file
    Download Hebrew language file
    Download Turkish language file
    Download Finnish language file
    Download Hungarian language file
    Download Lithuanian language file
    Download Greek language file
    Download Greek "user manual" file
    Download FlyRemote settings file for AverMedia AverTV 103
    Download FlyRemote source code
    Download FlyRemote modified by Ivan Uskov
    Download FlyRemote modified by Stefano Picerno
    TheFly98 v2.7 ScreenShots
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