FlyCap -  VFW based video capture utility . Freeware.

FlyCap is a video and audio capturing utility. You can capture live video and audio into AVI format using any installed compression codec, such as MPEG4 video and MPEG3 audio. FlyCap also includes a recording scheduler, an audio level oscilloscope, as well as the ability to customize several settings and play your recordings.

FlyCap on WindowsXP desktop

FlyCap v2.5.2
  v2.5.1 bug fixed ( thanks to Avery Lee ) - 
  VirtualDub v1.4.8 build 13719 cannot open FlyCap v2.5.1 created avi file 
  with error message "This avi file does not have a movie data block (movi!)."
  These files can be opened only as "AVI (compatibility mode)" file type. 

FlyCapDS -  DirectShow based video capture utility . Freeware.

FlyCapDS main window

Attention: Deinterlace feature available only if you have FlyDS installed!
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