TheFlyDS - MS DirectShow based software (Win98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003) for watching 
and recording video and/or audio or snapshots from tv-tuner or video-in cards 
(such as AverMedia TV Phone, LifeView FlyVideo98, ATI All in wonder, 
ASUS Deluxe Combo and many others).
30 day trial period shareware.
Attention: If you already registered FlyDS user - all new versions of FlyDS
you can use free-of-charge!

TheFlyDS (skin "SeaBreeze2") on WindowsXP desktop

Use FlyDS to Watch and record live Video programs on your PC! 
This easy to use and yet powerful software makes it all possible. 
Read below for the full array of features:

What does FlyDS do?
FlyDS makes it easy to: 
Watch video from any live source on your PC 
Capture live video from your VCR, TV, DVD, WEB CAM or any other source. 
Grab single frame shots from your VCR, TV, DVD, WEB CAM or any other source. 
Have full control on video frame size and positioning so that it does not 
interfere with your other applications. 

FlyDS is a DirectShow-based application. 
It uses the newest Microsoft multimedia technologies and ensures that you are 
getting the most from your video capture card. 
FlyDS allow you to record *.AVI files with size limited only by your harddisk 
capacity, overriding the Video For Windows 2Gb AVI file size limitation. 

What are the features?
Real-time video capture in AVI, MPEG and WMV files.
Instant single frame capture to BMP,GIF or JPG
Supports multiple compression codecs, including DIVX. 
Video stream preview during capture without frame size limitations.
Preview compressed/decompressed video stream. 
TV Guide.
Network broadcasting.
Video as desktop background.
Picture In Picture (PIP) for 2 or more video-in cards.
Video deinterlace filters.
Internal Crop and Resize filter.
Closed caption decoder.
Frame resolution - up to 768x576.
Internal scheduler.
Audio recording into wav or mp3 files.
Channels scanning.
Individual settings for each channel.
Hot keys and command-line swiches.
Start and stop video capturing in predefined time.
Extended capture statistics.
Playing captured avi or wav file.
Saving all settings. 
Can work as FM tuner. 
Languages pack's. 
Uses hardware overlay. 
Full-screen video viewing. 
Resizable viewing area with different styles of the window.
Framed or borderless viewing area to optimize viewing area. 
User defined z-order: Always on top or background. 
Which operating systems are supported by FlyDS?
Windows 98SE,Windows ME,Windows 2000,Windows XP,Windows 2003
What kind of video sources can I use to watch or record video with FlyDS?
Cable receivers 
Satellite receivers 
DVD players 
TV tuner cards 
Any thing else with a video out connector.
What else can I do with FlyDS?
Watch you TV while surfing the web or working on that spreadsheet. 
Preserve your precious family vacation tapes by transferring them from 
VHS to CD or DVD. 
Capture screen shots from your family video and create paper prints. 
Record your favorite clip and email it to a friend.
System requirements:
Microsoft Windows 98SE or later. 
DirectX 8 or higher installed.
Honestech or InterVideo MPEG-encoder DirectShow Filters (for mpeg capturing).
Recommended software for remote control - SlyControl. 

Pentium 200 MMX processor for preview only, Celeron 466Mhz for 320x240 
with mjpeg video and uncompressed audio capturing and celeron 850 + 
defragmented UDMA66 hard drive for 768x576 with mjpeg video and mp3 
audio capturing. 
PCI or AGP DirectX compatible graphic adapter card. 
TV Tuner or Video input card with WDM driver installed. 
Sound card.

Download TheFlyDS v2.0.0 beta 2

Download Russian teletext font.

Download HotControl utility.

Download icons for Hungarian TV channels.
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