I have tried to change RF module in one philips saa based tv-tuner card to four different modules.
Donor cards - FlyVideo2000, ATI AIW, Kworld, PixelView PlayTVPAK.
Acceptor card - FlyVideo2000.
All screenshots was created by means of FlyDS in PAL and SECAM air channels (Tomsk, Russia)
in 768x576 YUY2 without any postprocessing (deinterlace etc.) and with same settings
in the same computer in same PCI slot and with same antenna (it's a simple wire on a roof of 10-floors building).
That is a screenshots of this great experiment :-)

Click to the image for full size screenshot
You can download all of these screenshots as single archive (7Mb).

         philips fi1261 mk2-ph               tcl 2002mb-33f                     lg tpi8psb02p                   tnf 8831-b-dff
OPT - 49.75Mhz
TV-2 - 93.25Mhz
CTC - 175.00Mhz
Culture - 191.25Mhz
NTSC - 199.00Mhz
PTP - 215.25Mhz
DTV - 479.75Mhz
NTV - 495.25Mhz
At this time the broadcasting
of this channel has been stopped
Rambler - 519.25Mhz
TV-Center - 535.25Mhz
At this time the broadcasting of these channels has been stopped
HB - 599.31Mhz
TV-3 - 711.75Mhz
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